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How to make the design website perfect

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How to make the design website perfect Empty How to make the design website perfect

Post  Admin Wed May 12, 2010 8:50 pm

The first design website is building site. For enterprise's websites and company of design website for reasonable design, no one could make an excellent enterprise website? The so-called design website construction is reasonable planning.
The contents include design website to construction sites like? What colour are tie-in? How to design module? A specific function? What procedures? And then mainly aimed at the general procedure, web pages, and planned directory. We have experienced personnel. design website of A website homepage to secondary pages, from page to page from secondary level, from the module to function, from the function to the program has unique design.
And then to design website, general colour, colour is to design website the visual effect, if an enterprise web colors is not coordinate, give a person the vision is very uncomfortable, who can think in your web site for more than a minute! Module, photo module (flash module, information module, etc.) should also pay much attention, for the reasonable collocation is module information website. If a website information is very messy, no administrative levels, so the website information is very easy.

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